V.E. Hall

The Devon Bookshop is my first published book and I hope you will enjoy reading it. Acacia and Matt have become real people to me and I’ve become deeply involved in their lives, wanting the best for them, their family and friends. I hope you’ll feel the same.

Are you a coffee drinker? If so, you’ll understand why it plays an important role in Acacia and Matt’s lives and features regularly in this book. It’s the glue that holds everything together, which is just as well because Acacia and Matt’s lives are about to get complicated. Family, friendship and love will all be challenged. In a changing world, the only constant comfort is a good cup of coffee, reminding them both of what they’re fighting to hold onto, providing comfort, giving them courage to keep going, courage to win the fight. But will it be enough to keep them anchored?

Time to move on

Eliza, in the churchyard, sees a young couple burying their child. She says a prayer for them, then walks home. But her house seems strangely different. She’s frightened. What’s going on?

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In addition to my book I also write short stories and meditations, and these can be found on the Angie Wells website, in audio form (along with Angie’s Pilates Courses, and Pilates and Zumba Gold). I hope you’ll check them out. They are short stories with happy endings and uplifting meditations.

Rose Snow