V.E. Hall

Although I wasn’t born in the West Country this is where I’ve settled, and I love the fact that I can see fields from my windows and I’m not far from the sea. I’ve spent time in London, Cheshire, Lancashire, Bristol and various parts of Devon as well as spending nearly 20 years in Canada. I’ve loved it all, but for me the West Country is home. I’ve worked in administration most of my life and have always enjoyed it. There’s something very satisfying about creating a document people find useful, well laid out and informative. Rather like the satisfaction you feel when you’ve cleaned the kitchen – but maybe that’s just me!

Creatively I’ve been writing since my teens and I have a box full of half started stories to show for it. I decided it was time to put my imagination and my admin skills to the test and so short stories, meditations and books now occupy a lot of my time. The first published book, The Devon Bookshop, is now available and I hope you enjoy reading it and getting to know the characters.