The Devon Bookshop

The Devon Bookshop

November 28, 2022

There are ghosts in The Devon Bookshop. Could there be angels? And witches? Matt is sure they don’t exist. Acacia knows they do. Matt’s dead aunt, Wiladelle, unhinged while alive is still unhinged, now dead and is set to cause problems for Matt and the people he cares about. Matt and Acacia’s comfortable lives are thrown into disarray as first ghosts, then witches cause upheaval.

Matt wants to bring order to the chaos. Acacia wants to protect the people she loves. Family, friendship and love will all be challenged as hostile witches appear one at a time, threatening everything Matt and Acacia hold dear. Luckily Acacia’s beliefs are very different to Matt’s and allies come forward to help with the battle. Are they up to the fight?

Holsworthy St Peter and St Paul Church - Feb 2018

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